Today, I searched online about the foundry of fake Cartier Jewelry and replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry and other fine jewelery. The result is that I still did not find 100% of the answers.

But I found an article comment very interesting. In this article, there are a few people on the Cartier jewelry foundry comments aroused my interest.

This article on the Cartier jewelery theme is: Cartier in China there is no manufacturer or foundry

Which have a personal comment in this article under the "factory in Shenzhen can be customized cheap Cartier jewelry, but do not know can not believe."

There is a girl refuted this comment that "does not exist! Cartier jewelry can also be customized to find Cartier designer appearance fee how much? Want to buy luxury is best not to buy in the Mainland .99.99% fake!

Then, in the Shenzhen Cartier jewelry store related staff said the girl ignorant, idiot. The Cartier jewelry replica store related personnel of the original words: do not know that you are ignorant or idiot? What kind of goods in China today can not do? What is a Cartier Jewelry in the area?

So, summed up the above information, I can think Cartier jewelry or Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry factory is there, but is true, or fake? I do not know.

I think, can only call the Cartier jewelry headquarters or fake Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry headquarters to confirm to know it!